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The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood. Truest thing ever. Kid world problems.

yep, this pretty much sums it all up....

My love life currently.Taken by a cheese burger😋.I'll be single soon I'm kinda getting hungry, bye bye cheese burger😋😈✌️

If You Were Born in the 90s

still my favorite thing ever. though I was born in the so i guess this spans the ages?// should say born in the Ahhh loved the parachute!


YES I played this all the time when I was like 8 and had a mini heart attack every time


22 Things All PBS Kids Will Never Forget

"While walking in the woods one day, Chris and Martin saw something strange. A little leaping lemur who liked to bounce and play." Zoboomafoo was my favorite childhood TV show. Oh, the nostalgia!


You know you are a 90's kid if you don't hate these kind of uploads

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

Once you go black...

Once you go black...

The 23 Absolute Worst Parts Of Your Childhood. Sadly these are so true, but also funny

I really have done that exact move when my parents had guests over

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - I think this is especially true when you don't relate to the guests.

Just had a discussion about exactly this w/ my hairdresser last week!

nails except mines reversed because im left handed. no matter how hard i try my left hand just doesnt look as good :(

the disney one is so true, same with the words because it still happens The shots are water though

Haven’t we all…

Weird things we all do. - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor ok not the shots one but.

Wow, I had totally forgotten about these! We used yellow ones...

90's Math

Some hardcore math: 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

and when they would open up the trunk or something.