A Message From 5 Seconds Of Summer

A Message From 5 Seconds Of Summer<< he thinks it's ok to kill us Luke girls like you won't have any pretty soon<<<well he killed more then luke girls that's for sure. and this is why I try to stay in the undecided lane

im in love with an idiot <<< I know how you feel

luke hemmings everyone<< I'm just ganna show someone this when they ask "who is Luke hemmings and why do u love him so much?"<<<<Luke is me. I am Luke.

Pouty Luke XD Q: what's your favorite 5sos song? Mines "If You Don't Know" :)

Pouty Luke XD Q: what's your favorite song? <<< if u don't know <<< Jet Black Heart <<<

Omg…*starts yell as loud as I can* WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO I CANT TAKE YOUR CUTENESS/HOTNESS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't fucking breathe! Someone please call Call Luke Hemmings to resuscitate me!

Lmao love him❤

FAMOUS [imagify] ✔

You don't even have to listen to the video to know that Luke said that in a every diva voice

So proud of my years ago today music video was released