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(Yes, a girl is the one who thought of this. So don't go around calling it sexist.

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That's why they best treat a woman the way they'd want their daughters treated.

die of laugh....<<<<< always, like, what did I do???

" *smirks* I apparently sleep walk. <<<i sleep walk all the time to eat food left in the counter in the middle of the night. i've been told some very interesting stories about my night-time travels

Haha one time I was at church and we had to move chairs and I was wearing my 4 inch heels and I carried 2 chairs on each arm and all the guys were impressed.

Is there anything better than funny Mormon memes? If a picture is worth a thousands words, how much is a meme worth?

this never happens

Finding out a guy likes you is like when Anne Hathaway found out she way the princess of Genovia: Me? A Princess?… Shut Up! # Real life: (Guy's Name) He Likes Me? Shut Up!

Or any of my obsessions, really. Even if it's just my favorite song. *shakes head* I have no chill.

This week's roundup of Christian memes were too hilarious to pass up (bad grammar aside)! If you've ever experienced any of these situations, be sure to tag a friend and leave us your favorite meme number in the comments below!

Completed Whole30 Day 9 Guess you could say things are getting ...

Our calls have gone from 5 mins to 7 mins So I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious - Serious Kip

Leg Workout - Becoming Athletic

Funny pictures about Evil plotting raccoon. Oh, and cool pics about Evil plotting raccoon. Also, Evil plotting raccoon photos.

Us today @aniyahhawkins

Bitch yu gonna take this not only is you gonna take this But your gonna put it in and give me a mf A that I deserve Please and Thank you

The ultimate challenge everyone loves to hate > Complete the #burpee challenge this month

30 Day Burpee Challenge Fitness Workout

Prepare yourself - Brace yourself The "new year, new me" posts are coming

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