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That is soooooooo what my bf does!!!!! ....not to brag but I love when he hugs my leg like that

That is soooooooo what my bf does!not to brag but I love when he hugs my leg like that

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by far the cutest thing ever. but in the end they still give you a kiss.

RT @girlmsgs: Don't apologize if you're still going to do the same things you were sorry for.

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In my opinion, all couples should be given a happy relationship guide at some point in their journey.

i'm the type of girl when you get mad i'll come hug you from behind and mumble sorry repeatedly

Swear this is basically me and my girlfriend shes shorter than me she always hugs me from behind and i got weed socks only difference were both girls

Someone from Green Isle, Minnesota, US posted a whisper, which reads "I love when talking to someone becomes a routine. Like, your day isn't done until you talk to that person😊"