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This is the most amazing tattoo I have ever seen

tattoos on

Look at that eye! Full sleeve angel tattoo by the Swedish ink master, Niki Norberg.

Around the ankle

A lace tattoo works perfectly for a woman that wants to celebrate her femininity. Women love to use lace tattoo designs on their shoulders, thighs and arms.

that's a tattoo idea!

Best Owl Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

owl everything from owl designs to owl art the owls are here for you. owl be watching

Tattoo with a clock and flowers. Beautifull !

Like this idea. Stop watch represents that all wounds heal with time. Daffodils represent moving on/rebirth. I would do more of a vintage pocket watch and add a few more elements to make it a full half sleeve. Maybe an owl and a banner with a saying I’ve

tatuaje del hombro por Gene Coffey | artista del tatuaje - Brooklyn NY, EE.UU.

Pretty style, not the same old cherry blossoms which is nice Gene Coffey - Blossom Half Sleeve Color Tattoo

Teal Koi Fish Tattoo | DODIE Lyon, France Dodie L’Heure Bleue

For the most part, fish tattoo designs don't differentiate between a male or female fish. This person's arm tattoo, however, features a large beta fish tha

We had our rings tattooed but they weren't what I had envisioned. THIS is more what I would want. Pretty but not so feminine that the hubby wouldn't get the same. Very cool. http://momsmags.net/10-awesome-wedding-ring-tattoo-ideas/

Random Person: I think this would be way cute as a husband and wife tattoo for the ring fingers to symbolize till death do us part. Sugar skull finger Tattoo by doris ME:HELLS YEAH!


Here is a collection of Tree Tattoo designs for Men and Women. Among other things trees depict growth, nature and nurture.

Red Flower and Bird Tattoo Designs on Sleeve

Hummingbird and flower tattoo. Mix of elements, vibrant colors with a black background. Hints at a Japanese-style sleeve, without using any of the visual elements, just by color scheme.

Peacock Feather Shoulder Tattoo... Love the placement

7 Main-Streamed Feminine Tattoos Designs and Ideas Of Tribal Tattoos For Girls. Tribal tattoos for girls are presenting the genuine feminine touch

Black work tattoo with pink & purple flowers with a feather on shoulder

Female shoulder tattoo: dream catcher flower feather lace -- absolutely LOVE this!