Luke has helped me a lot. He has given me a lot of reasons to live and always makes me laugh when I'm sad. I'm not a fake fan just because I'm a luke girl! He has just helped me a lot and ash, mike, and cal have too.

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Did boy. He mows the meaning of life<<< Luke Korns I love you even more now, just know that.

Okay lukes face is absolutely priceless in this picture... Like he can't believe what is before his eyes :3

at Russo's New York Pizzeria for 28 Inch Pizza Challenge. Ashton, are you nervous?>>>> haha look at Luke's face😂 "what the shit? How the hell?

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I was laughing the whole time not to mention whn I remembered ashton in target oh gosh im giggling like a cow on drugs<<<< This FAM thou


When you truly realize how obsessive your FanGirl ways are but you don't care


I laughed so hard. "land of ching chongs"<<< who else's sang it

when ppl say mikey is gross....... shoot them, or stab them, either way is good

when ppl say mikey is gross. i shoot them, or stab them, either way is good>>>> mikey is the best people like that needs 2 be hit in the head with a bible so they can have some sence

WHO ELSE REMEMBERS?!?!? My favouritest Ash quote ever :D -Jeffer>>Hahaha! I remember this!! Lol!!!!-Paige

WHO ELSE REMEMBERS? My favorite Ash quote ever! <<< I literally died when Ashton said this XD Like, what are two tall guys doing in a McDonald's playground?


this describes Mikey girls, Luke girls, Calum girls and Ashton girls