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It’s Better Late Than Never

Funny pictures about The blue microwave. Oh, and cool pics about The blue microwave. Also, The blue microwave.


Funny pictures about Ellen As President. Oh, and cool pics about Ellen As President. Also, Ellen As President photos.

Funny Pun Pictures – 38 Pics

Check out all our Hedgehogs Hog All Hedges funny pictures here on our site. We update our Hedgehogs Hog All Hedges funny pictures daily!

Not even one

I have gotten outta bed 365 days a year for 37 years. That is sit-ups. And not ONE ab to show for it.

Yogi is serious

I didn't steal any pic-a-nic baskets! Hey Boo Boo, did you take any pic-a-nic baskets?


This parenting plan that comes with guaranteed emotional trauma. 24 Times Pranks Got Taken To A Whole New Level

funny tumblr comments

Lucifer is a fallen angel. He tried to overthrow God because he thought he could do better. So he's doing what he thinls is right <<< but everyone still calls him evil. If he’s punishing bad people, then why isn’t he viewed a good figure?

How it should be done if you can't leave them at home ❤️

Just gonna say. A dog should never be left in a car even if there is ac, water, and music. If you know you have to leave him in the car then just don't go anywhere or leave himher at home where there is water, fiid, and plenty of a/c.

Trollear y Friendzone en un mismo gif

love dog kisses couple cute couple kissing cute romance kiss Cuddling Cuddle so cute couples sweet Romantic suprise lovers kiss me infatuation seduce kiss gif lover love gif passionate couple gif lovers gif cute cuddling cute cuddle

24 Pictures That Make Way Too Much Sense If You Drive

24 Pictures That Make Way Too Much Sense If You Drive

oh dear goodness!! I literally burst out laughing every time i see this :D

Video game physics in the real world…