“☆Tsunade Fact☆ Extra info: Tsunade is a Senju only by blood. It is possible that she is also a Senju by name but since her…” plus maybe that's y NARUTO can wear the necklace

O______o WHAAAAAAT (why didnt it happen... I dont think Naruto plot would have changed really lol)

O______o WHAAAAAAT (why didnt it happen. I dont think Naruto plot would have changed really lol)<<<well Hinata would’ve died so Naruto’s children wouldn’t happen

thatnarutomomentwhen you realize that this guy is supposed to be feared by entire nations... Minato namikaze

That Naruto Moment When You Realize That This Guy Is Supposed To Be Feared By Entire Nations. Minato Namikaze (Real men are good in the kitchen).

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ temari memes

I just searched up both Japanese voice actors and no where does It say they are married. Maybe it's the English voice actors?

Plot twist Rock Lee cooks the best... lol

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals Poor Ino! Shikamaru and Choji need to support her at a time like that!

Wow, and to think it felt like only yesterday that her and the others were kids following after naruto

Moegi is so irrelevent, I was hoping for someone cool, like Asuma.