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Ozpin -RWBY (I have created and edited this image)

Ozpin -RWBY (I have created and edited this image)

Stop making my cry over Church and Pyrrha. Bah and humbug!

Red vs Blue ending and RWBY Volume 3 ending. I am so fucking done with these feels *Runs away crying*.

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This was answered in vol 4 b/c the Grimm that destroyed her and Ren's village had a very loud screeching noise

Not to mention before they left to help Ruby and the Gang, Jaune put his hand on Ren's shoulder and told him that they would make it to the village another day.


Coming Up For Names In The RWBY-verse Is Pretty Easy.

Strong flames might flicker, but they won't fall.

RWBY: Yang Xiao Long - Don't just assume when a person gets kicked down they won't get back up. the strongest flames never stop glowing.

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And Glenda felt sorry for Pyrrha having to partner with Jaune. Pyrrha HUNTED Jaune and made sure he would stay put till she got to him.