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That guy is Seth. Because he's ridden that roller coaster a thousand times just to prove to Ivy he won't get sick after that many loops while Ivy looks on because she would get sick after going on it 4 times straight

This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. These are fantastic.:

This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. He Delivers In The Most Amazing Ways Possible

Omigosh!!!!!!! This is literally the best thing I've seen in a while! Oh I miss this show just too much, and we love Mr Mosby

JESUS TAKE THE PRNDL (The guy who plays Mr. Moseby was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. He was probably too busy decided whether to listen to aaammmm or ffffmmm to pay attention to the PRNDL.

Photoshopped Melons…

I remember seeing the "blue watermelon" before and i knew it was photoshopped because I had seen the normal picture about two years prior!

Spongebob transition slides

Spongebob time cards are the best. The all important "One Eternity Later" card is missing!--- my favorite one is when Patrick is like "can you hurry up spongebob I'm running out of time cards"


Especially if it's a cute guy, I completely forget everything about myself. <---- it's so true though.

No one can deny lmao

True love is loving him even when he seriously needs a haircut

When I was little, - Imgur

When I was little,

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah Apparently I did not speak french.

Here's where she meets Prince Charming! But she won't discover that it's him till chapter three! <<<< this quote Belle represents us book lovers so perfectly yet another reason she has always been my favorite

This is one of the best things I've seen on tumblr xD

But you dont understand if he said that and then it was like a joke I wouldnt even be mad if just be like dude you rock

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"And what can you tell me of Lord Farquad?" "Well, men of his standing are in 'short' supply.