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Tessa siguiendo la música de Jem

© Lee Avison / Trevillion Images - historical-woman-with-candle Inspiration for A Highland Christmas Wager by Lecia Cornwall, part of the CHRISTMAS IN KILTS Anthology

12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

12 Photography Basics for Portrait Photography: 40 Examples

She wasn't Mara Kang 'the girl who takes good photographs' or Mara Kang with the rose gold glasses. She wasn't 'the pretty Asian girl' or 'Mara who went to that party last night?', nor was she Mara with a million tales to tell. Everyone saw her as a mythical dream girl who lived a life that everyone wanted. In truth, Mara Kang was just a girl, and that is all she wanted to be.

Strength left me some while back. / I tremble, I blur. - Euripides, from Herakles (tr.

flowers represent purity and so did persephone until she was taken to the underworld and started wilting away

Whenever she touches flowers or things like that they lose their life and start to wilt. She makes a joke how she is like the vampires in stories, but this only causes her to silently cry to herself, even though she made it out to be a joke.