I love the idea of a formal vegetable garden. It Italianate--but with cabbage and herbs mixed in. "formal walled vegetable garden with cabbage, cardoon and espalier pear, august rofford manor, oxfordshire"

Picking vegetables at the Eden Project - St Blazey, Cornwall, England by franieK

Beautiful Garden - time to eat ‘Picking vegetables at the Eden Project’: Photo by Franie Treetops. The Eden Project is located in Corwall, England. The Eden Project (Cornish: Edenva) is a visitor.

Row crops

Extensive List of Organic Pest Control Remedies Very informative, brilliant ideas that I will definitely use! What a beautiful garden!

MySecretGarden: Colonial Gardens. Part 4.2 Monticello Vegetable Garden - wide row planting

Looks like a dream garden. and butifull too MySecretGarden: Colonial Gardens. Part Monticello Vegetable Garden


Gravenstein apple espalier - certainly contains dropped fruit to a more manageable footprint.

Dream vegetable garden. We have the space for this, but it would be right in the path of or daily deer trail.

Picket fence around a raised bed vegetable garden.someday I'd like to have a yard big enough for this!

1/4 of an acre

Four Seasons Organic Farm

Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch's small organic farm yields more than just vegetables -- it inspires a new way of life for a fresh crop of gardeners.

wooden planks between rows as a footpath

Using wooden planks between vegetable garden rows as walkways is a simple trick that will allow you to navigate and tend to your garden with ease.