bifanoland: “ A little mini-painting I did at a friends house the other night. I was looking at a lot of Eyvind Earle’s “Sleeping Beauty” background paintings earlier that day and thought I’d do a.

Bike ride Illustration | Animal Bike Ride Prints!

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Юлия Валеева

Illustration for the book "Fairy tales for kind hearts" Writer: Natalia Abramtseva; Publication date: 2007

Dixit alternative card. All credits to his autor

Entrances to underground homes idea - the tree look real but are artificial and the leaves are mini solar collectors - Oliver Jeffers Illustration

James Gilleard, animation illustrator Kleurrijke omgevingen en gestileerd maar met veel details en diepte

Worldwide agents for illustration, animation, art and design at Folio illustration agency

Introducing artwork by Ann Pajuväli from Estonia. A bear with a city on it's back, very my style.

loveyourchaos: razorbladesalvations:executions: The bear can’t bear by Ann