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These Finger Friends Puppets are craft fun for kids and the end result is hours of finger puppet play when the craft project is complete. This craft is si

Children make marionettes from TP rolls , tissue paper, and painted beads.

Collage Animal Marionettes

Поделки и игры для детей

Поделки и игры для детей


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Wiggly Worm Marionette

Wiggly Worm Marionette

Who isn't fascinated by the antics of an inchworm? This Wiggly Worm Marionette mimics an inchworm, gliding along on easy-to-maneuver marionette strings. This DIY inchworm puppet is a perfect rainy .

Learn how to make a caterpillar clothes pin craft. Guaranteed your kids will love making. These caterpillar crafts are very easy and your kids can create and de.

Caterpillar Clothes Pin Craft Tutorial

Clothes pin caterpillar DIY kids craft These turned out SUPER cute, and were SUPER easy! I made a line of glue on the clothes pin, and let the girls pick the colors and arrange them however they liked :) *Glue a magnet to it to stick on the fridge !