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47 Funny Pictures You're Going To Love

😂 Especially the "invisible window installation" and the "invisible explosion".

Some fun stuff for you :)

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A perfect example of talented people with way too much free time on their hands- banana art

*Hair circle  Kaycee should have done this back in the day...

This dude know's style! He's got a full beard, and hair. That's the full circle beard face. Not many people can pull off this look, of course there

Awkward Wedding Pictures.....the last one though

Funny pictures about Awkward Wedding Pictures. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward Wedding Pictures. Also, Awkward Wedding Pictures.

8) Unique plant. Native to Louisiana and Texas, this pepper has long been considered too hot to eat and has mostly been grown as an ornamental. Considered very rare, pepper has often been noted for its phallic appearance when fully grown.

This is actually vegetable growing in Brazil called "Chuchu" pronounced shoo-shoo.They DO grow on Trees At "Cupcake Relations " Seekamp lol

Swiss Army Knife manicure, anyone?

Wow, this is some serious nail art. Someone grew their nails incredibly long, then carved them to look like the tools in a Swiss Army knife. Now I've seen it