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Horror stories…

Scary Campfire Stories: Book Style This really is a horror story guys.

Yessss!!!! You could for all the small important details that book nerds love!!

You could for all the small important details that book nerds love! though they would still find a way to F*** it up *cough* *cough* Shadowhunters *cough*

I literally did this just last week. My life is now more ruined than it was before :(

Divergent,harry potter, hunger games, mortal instruments, all the good books

Calling all bookworms, book lovers, and book nerds: We've compiled 18 funny comebacks for you to use the next time you're with a nonreader.

18 Reactions We’ve Had to People Who Don’t Read

“No, I don’t think reading a book for the time is stupid. It’s awesome.” - just like watching a movie over and over!

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Aww they are little baby books! You know your a book lover when you aww at baby books the way you would for baby animals

It's a good rule of thumb.  I'm trying to squeeze in Les Miserables before the movie.

Hipster Disney Princesses previously seen in meme form is now a hilarious musical which you can checkout here. Another awesome redesign of Disney's ladies

For an introvert, this is the best punishment EVER!!! The cat doesn't look too thrilled, though (lol). :^)

portrait of the artist as a young girl (by gemma correll) Yup, that didn't work as punishment for me either. It's an introvert thing I guess.

So? Percy jackson....read it for 10 Hours straight  ...soooooooo happy ...the lighting thief

What so wrong about that? Geez it's like you've never picked up Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Divergent, the Maze runner , the Hunger Games or Heroes of Olympus