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SpongeBob: Patrick you're a genius! Patrick: Yeah, I get called that a lot. SpongeBob: What? A genius? Patrick: No, Patrick.

Oh Patrick...

What's in a Name? More and More, a Number

Something tells me getting naked to sell real estate isn't gonna work. I love SpongeBob!


Patrick Star this movie makes me laugh more than anything exspecially how hot Patrick thinks the mermaid girl is


Funny pictures about I'm just as Squidward. Oh, and cool pics about I'm just as Squidward. Also, I'm just as Squidward.


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Me #baked

Patrick: Liar, liar, plants for hire. Spongebob: It's pants on fire, Patrick. Patrick: Well you would know .



I'm sure this is how people feel when they try to explain something to me on the computer.

It's stupid anyone would think this can't be a coincidence

Really? you're putting spongebob into something that has changed America forever? don't get me wrong, I love Spongebob but this is completely irrelevant and immature. is not something to joke about people. I mean really?