Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Maze Runner Fandom (dedicated to the lovely people who made the posts)

Newt Fanart is so bloody emotional and it proper grabs you hard by the feels.

Aww newt after thomas ran in the maze to help minho and alby <- This hurts my heart. Newt hurts my heart

Yup he said that in Thomas's first gathering.. Love for every shukin' word that comes out from newts mouth

Almost every loven' kid in the Glade has come up to me either boohooing about Thomas or beggn' to take his bloody hand in marriage. We need to deside what we're gonna do with him. Newt, the M R

I can't help but notice Newt's jealousy in this part when Thomas and Aris are starring at each other in The Scorch Trials. ♡ Newtmas/ The Maze Runner

I can't help but notice Newt acts a bit jealous here . why, Newt? Are you worried someone's gonna steal your Tommy from you?

wow 2 seconds. glad he didnt explode from thinking too hard <<< Dunno, would've been pretty funny if he'd exploded

You know, the maze runner series would probably only be one book with very minimal casualties if Newt or Minho were in Thomas's place. Jussayin<----I totally agree

It looks like the Fever Code will be really good - mainly because it will be chock full of character development.

I want James dashner to write a very last maze runner book. Which will be after the death cure. Maybe be from the point of view of thomas' kid? It'd be sooo good