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Kirbyyyyyy !

I was just talking about the army of furbies I had as a kid, today with my Dad. Lol I would inherit them from my cousins 'cause they would freak them out hehehe at one point I had more than half a dozen haha

"The Little Rascals" Alfalfa and Darla Together Again. (Ain't Luv Grate? Can I get an 'awww'?) Found on twitter.com

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Funny pictures about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Oh, and cool pics about The Little Rascals: Then and Now. Also, The Little Rascals: Then and Now photos.

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Well it seems like long ago that the first furbies came out. Now Hasbro is going to release the new Furbys 2012 on September I am sure.

Great Brand New Yellow Furby - No Box

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I love furby. This would be my Punkie's G/F

Northern Passages

furby; totally had this one! haha

furby; totally had this one! haha

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omg I so remember these.I had the all white one lol.and I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would be talking to itself.so creepy lol! I had this exact furbie

Furby Cool - Blue/Yellow

Furby Blue Yellow Cute Cuddly How Youtreat Your Furby Will Shape Its Personality


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