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The Best Zodiac Facts

you& right I don& USUALLY like making people look stupid. Usually, I LOVE making people look stupid. It& a past time of mine.

virgo...yes, please don't hold it against me that you're so damn annoying. ;)

Who ever wrote this must not know Virgo's very well, because we are VERY aware of our emotions and what aura we are giving off. We just don't give a damn.

I do have a severe hatred of criticism. I obsess over it once it's given, and fear provoking it in equal measure...

Virgo's defensiveness comes from their sincere hatred of criticism. If you only knew how hard they are on themselves.without your help! If you only knew.

Zodiac Society Virgo...well that's an understatement.

As a Virgo, you often cause unnecessary stress to yourself because you tend to be extremely hard on yourself.

 this cracks me up bc my best friend is a Sagittarius and my ex was a Capricorn.  Lol but these things are never wrong right

(my best friend is actually a Gemini, my sister is an Aries, my other friend is a Leo, but the Sagittarius part is right, I HATE Sags -_-)