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Taupe Feather Textures - natural surface pattern & texture inspiration for bird inspired design not sure of this is a back down to the tail feathers or a collage of different ones


Great shape inspiration for foldforms (Ralph Gabriner "Hosta Leaves Color Photograph). This would be great inspiration for metal-forming a pendant or earrings.

the ancient dream of the octopus

the ancient dream of the octopus. Nature forms, live octopus, beside color, pink color, octopus tentacles


Villa Siam by Eggarat Wongcharit. (Villa Siam is a private villa part of the Iniala Beach House complex, located in Phang Nga Province, Thailand. The villa was designed in 2013 by Eggarat Wongcharit.

Rowan Mersh 2014

Beauty Break: 11.17.16

Frankinsense tree bark

On a small Yemenite island to the east of the Horn of Africa. Islanders chew the sap as a mouth disinfectant, and burn it for its scent.