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Myrrhis odorata or "sweet cicily", an alternative to stevia?

Edible leaves, used as an herb (anise-like flavor). Native to mountainous regions in Europe and the Caucausus.

Myrrhis Odorata - Sweet Cicely was formerly a widely cultivated culinary herb, but now only occasionally grown in the herb garden.

Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata)

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MYRRHIS ODORATA "Sweet Cecily"~ wonderful smell~ perennial in zone might have to try this one~ I like the ferny foliage!

Sweet Cicely myrrhis odorata is a European aromatic culinary herb with a distinctive sweet anise-flavor.

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Sweet Cicely (myrrhis odorata)

Myrrhis odorata - Sweet Cicely - attracts adult syrphid fly, which larva consume aphids. Companion plant for orchard tree