I just posted "Narnia-Larry's Store" for my story "Narnia-Larry's Store".

harry styles

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She is so perfect! I love her!

She's so freaking perfect omg I need a sister/brother relationship like this ! Love Gemma xxx<< so do I. It's so funny and so adorable and I love it<<can i marry gemma styles?

We Had Faces Then

Alain Delon, 1960, during the filming of Purple...

Alain Delon, during the filming of Purple Noon / Plein soleil

These arms were made for holding you. I love you, Harry.❤️~ Reagan {credit to @reagan}

I had the best dream ever, I had a dream that Harry hugged me. And I shit you not I was so warm and woke up with chills. Like wtf. Is there a meaning behind this.

Harry Styles

Yankee Doodle is dead. Thought it was SO cool to come over and stick a retarded feather in ur hat and call it macaroni? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?