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Hattulan lintu Finland

Kalevala Bird of Hattula Bronze Large Pendant Necklace - Kalevala Bird of Hattula Jewelry

The prototype of this bracelet dates from 900-1000 A.D. It was worn by Finno-Ugric tribes living in Russia.

I have this bracelet by Kalevala Koru. My sister got one too. The prototype of this bracelet dates from A. It was worn by Finno-Ugric tribes living in Russia.



Kielo-sormus/ Kalevala Koru Finland

Kielo-sormus, Lily of the valley -ring, Kalevala Koru, Finland. Lily of the valley is national flower of Finland.

Kalevala Koru - Varsa

Kalevala Koru - Varsa

Vintage Kalevala Koru necklace made in Finland by timlessjewels, $59.00

A vintage kalevala koru necklace. Koru jewelry are made using the copies of ancient jewelry. Hallmark KK and made in finland.

Finnish Design: Kalevala Vanamo Jewellery.  When I turned 50y. I got a whole set of this Vanamo jewellery as a gift from my employer; TYKS hospital :)

Vanamo (Linnea Borealis) Twinflower bracelet by Kirsti Doukas / Kalevala Koru

Kalevala Koru.  viking jewelry, inspired by agient grave finds

Kalevala Koru - Little Bird - bronze bracelet bangle

viking jewelry, inspired by ancient grave finds


Bronze bracelet from Kalevala Koru from the end of the beginning of Suomi Finlsnd