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Ähtäri Zoo, Suomi [Ähtäri Zoo, Finland]

Wolverine, Ähtäri Zoo in Finland

Wolverine (Gulo gulo). Finland. Photo by Robin Eriksson (at https://www.flickr.com/photos/fokusbild/16086229207/).

The wolverine are running outside of the hide. The photo was taken on my trip to eastern Finland to photograph the big predators.

Kiteen eläinpuisto, Suomi [Kitee Zoo, Finland]

Kiteen eläinpuisto, Suomi [Kitee Zoo, Finland]

Wolverine sitting in woodland

The wolverine can be found in alpine tundra and northern taiga habitats.

North American wolverine

Mammals eat a variety of foods. Some mammals, like this wolverine, are carnivores and subsist on a meat-based diet. Carnivorous animals that catch large prey have strong, sharp teeth for tearing flesh.

The Honey Badger is so brave and courages you can't help but love them. Honey Badgers never give up. An amazing sighting of a baby honey badger in Botswana's Linyanti concession, Africa.

A Young Honey Badger: An Amazing Sighting in Botswana's Linyanti Region.