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Ellie frequently receives gifts of rare or mysterious tomes, often in varius states of disrepair, from her friends.

a hero's guide to deadly dragons

Love this kate spade notebook - perfect for jotting down ideas

'it's written in the stars' mini notebook by kate spade, embossed metallic cover and satin placeholder

Dionysus. The Greek class does a bacchanal. The Secret History.

mebi oso na hit choda op nodataim

i smiled to myself before responding that her night in shining armor was coming. only Violet would get stuck talking to the Royal beekeeper and be too polite to leave.

Why do I feel like this could easily be me?<< don't you mean why do I feel like this could easily BEE me?


The Iliad and The Odyssey, Homer are the two oldest surviving examples of Greek literature, epic poems written by Homer around Century BC

Image result for sword on a book

Listen: Irish history podcast - Tellin' it like it was Irish History (Fin)

happily // ✧

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Coffee and books

Things That Make My Heart Happy

Image de book and coffee


Vintage Shakespeare Book: I love the idea of having old books on display in my home.

New York Times, Manhattan, NYC, New York

the sunday times + bed.

Studio Sjoesjoe: Beautiful sketchbook by Danielle Kroll

I wish my sketchbooks looked like this.

par vialiivia.blogspot.com

par vialiivia.blogspot.com

Liivia Sirola /Paris

Liivia Sirola /Paris