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FaceBook Tuesday …….

Look at Detroit, California, Chicago, etc.

DID YOU KNOW? Trump Won 3,084 out of 3,151 Counties. Hillary Only Won 57 – TruthFeed

DID YOU KNOW? Trump Won out of Counties. Hillary Only Won 57 – TruthFeed America finally woke up and saw the corruption all around them and said it is time for REAL change.

Comedy Special to launch show end of April to mock Trump....time to boycott Comedy Central....so they lose ad sponsorships.

When Democrats go low, Republicans go High. d=deficit, r=rate of return. Go Donald lower those American taxes. Most improved player? Donald J. Most obsessed Liar- Hillary R.


Welcome to Obama's America. Arrested veterans sitting in the back of the police car because they would not leave the war memorial. This is a travesty. Our own veterans disrespected!


Sorry NOT sorry.Freedom of Speech

2000 years ago Jesus determined whose lives matter... He died for all!

Thursday Images ….

Blue lives matter~ All lives matter. Put away your race card

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Tyranny is only going to get worse. Do not be silenced. You can't leave this for your kids to fix!!!

Obama hates America and wants to turn it into a Third World country run by Muslims.

MSM dropped THIS story quick fast and in a hurry!

If you look at the mass shootings that have occurred in the past 10 years, you will find most were committed by Liberals. Liberals can't handle the truth.

Along with giving the television a middle finger salute!

Along with giving the television a middle finger salute!