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Cake Wrecks! This particular picture is not nearly as funny as the rest of them. And I thought my wedding cake was bad....

Congrats on your teen pregnancy cake.which I don't find the worst cake ever; since I had my daughter at Those miscarriage humor cakes are the worst I think.

"Hey, you know those times when you should be seeing red, but instead you feel kinda blue?"  "Yeah, me neither."

Lmao, cake decorators know exactly why this is so hilarious. And also why this person is am airhead who should be fired lol

How terrible. I hope this was a joke...

And now its time for a little sugar-coated hostility. Still hungry for more? Check out Cakewrecks for many more cakes that have gon.

Yes. Let's Leave No Child Behind. Baker would've been fine if it had been multiple choice.

For you cake decorators out there.if you ever make a bad cake and felt terrible about it.never fear.

Walmart cakes

Why does this not surprise me? Call Walmart, ask for a plain cake with nothing on it and yes, this is what you get.