Senegal - Chicken Yassa - a traditional chicken dish from the Casamance region of Senegal, Poulet Yassa (Chicken Yassa), is one of the most famous African recipes and is found in Senegalese restaurants.


Quick and Easy Fragrant African Chicken Stew with Garlic, Onions and Spices. A Great Weeknight meal.

African Chicken Stew

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Thiéboudienne (Senegalese Fish and Rice), the national dish of Senegal.  For more, check out the May 2012 issue of Saveur!

Senegalese Fish and Rice (Thiéboudienne)

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Doro Wat (Ethiopian Spiced Chicken)

(Kenyan chicken in coconut curry sauce) This simple dish, sometimes called kuku na nazi, is a fabulous coconut curry from the East African coast. It is a perfect illustration of how African, Arab a…

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