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Here's a fun crossover between Dark Knight Returns Batman and Disney Pixar's Up. It was inspired by a comment made by and I just had to draw it! How much more fun would it be if Disney Bought DC co.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk, The Other Guy - Print by The Ninjabot - Support the Kickstarter now! kck.st/Zwzs6D

Hulk - Here's a really cool poster art series created by Ninjabot called "ORIGIN," and it focuses on the origin stories of our favorite superheroes.


An entry from @UnaGeek

bathroom sign - If I had a place, I'd put this on the bathroom doors. I may still do it for my bathroom at home.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for Dummies

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure for Dummies

Minion como Joker de Batman.

I am a little behind the wagon. I only saw the Despicable Me 2 movie the other day. It’s a great movie, right?And I am definitely sure you fell in love with the minions! Who would not love them? Those big round eyes and body.

wofguy:  Why so seriously creepy?

Funny pictures about Why so Happy Meal? Oh, and cool pics about Why so Happy Meal? Also, Why so Happy Meal?

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