y estaaaaaa ❤ . ❤

I need this pose for engagement pics! When we finally do them. Takes me back to our high school crush days. I can wear my cheering uniform and have a Pom Pom while he's dressed like an emo skater boy. Kissing behind his long board lol.


Skateboard Graphic Tee

skater girl, longboard girl, skateboarding with your boyfriend I so want a relationship like this.

Quero uma avida assim, com alguém, em que abrimos os braços, para receber as coisas boas e deixamos Deus conduzir.

it was terrifying. and with someone who wasn't my bf/gf. it was awkwardly friendship romantic. thanks bro.

Cuute ♡

Awww my future boyfriend and I will get a puppy together. Most likely a labroodoodle or pompom or yorkie.