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Brown Bear family just look at the middle one :D Photographer - Unknown Like / Share - Precious World

Polar Bears are my favorite.  Beautiful and dangerous

Icebergs are polar bears natural habitat, and with global warming these icecaps will be melting.


// Mother grizzly bear and her two cubs, riding on her back, walk across a green field.

Bear Boogie.....

"I dreamed I was a dancing bear, and I was doing my dancing where the bears dance, and I was sneezing. 'Cause I was a dancing polar bear, and it was freezing.

Es fácil pensar que son las circunstancias las que determinan nuestra felicidad, cuando lo cierto es que somos nosotros quienes colocamos cierta emoción a las circunstancias. ¡Sé feliz! ¡Sonríele a la vida! -Día Internacional de la Felicidad-

People in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world! To funny and equally scary!


Grizzly bear mom and cub. Grizzly cubs are adorable, but Grizzly moms are ferocious, huge, and always dangerous

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Sitten and thanked

Brown bears are so powerful and beautiful. ~ brawn bear by Mara Sironi*

Polar bear discipline

Funny pictures about Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear. Also, Disrespectful Baby Polar Bear photos.