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Pewdiecry Bloody trapland 01 gif by ~keary http://www.deviantart.com/art/Pewdiecry-Bloody-trapland-01-gif-388993758

Pewds and Cry playing Bloody Trapland. The art is so freakin' ADORABLE!

I've been listening to Cry's voice story things and he's pretty good at narrating creepy stories! Then I got to the romantic one, Mason, and it was a sad love story, and then it was ruined with somethin' about crawling maggots and his skin peeling off the bones... Of course -.-

Cry being .adorable, I guess (: For all my awesome "Cryaotic-Fan-Watchers" (?

Sad cryaotic

I would like to have enough disposable income to put beautiful wood benches with plaques of my favorite people along with a quote that helped describe their spirit, inspiring.

Roach Cry by ZombieCare-rot http://zombiecare-rot.deviantart.com/art/Roach-Cry-464262790

Roach Cry by ZombieCare-rot


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