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Longer list of fangirl problems! I relate to pretty much all of them except the poster up, I don't put up posters since I feel I'll basically die lmao instead most of my camera roll will be dedicated too them

This Is Me In A Nutshell

This Is Me In A Nutshell

I didn't choose the fandom life. Fandom life chose me.wait yes i chose the fandom life

Every girl and boy in my fandom has had to do this st least once a week....possibly two...

I literally do this almost every night. Why do you think all my Homestuck pins are from like <<< And then I wonder why my eyes HURT XD but my dreams af night and gallery at phone are nice and these are big pros 😀😀

When fangirls fangirl with other fangirls

sadly i dont have any fangirl friends, only ones who judge me for being a fangirl of one direction, but as long as i have the boys and my directioner family im happy!

Sadly yes..........but who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!

endless screaming, squealing, and. well, i dont even know how to describe what happens when i attempt to fangirl silently and fail. My mom thinks I'm having a seizure

My Fangirl Problems:

My Fangirl Problems: its in hte way right now i've been translating the same 10 sentences all day.

It's mostly just trying not to scream from anger, excitement, and rage. And that includes laughing

Elsa knows how a fangirl/fanboy feels in public.

lol I need to remember this when Im at the movie theatre watching TFIOS