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Every demigod should take the time to read this. This proof to any mortal that Percy Jackson is beyond magnificent. He is a legend that will never be forgotten. >>> Yes, you are a legend Percy Jackson

So sweet after all they have been though I love that they act like this. Plus Leo and Calypso are way cuter

I actually ship Caleo so Percy and Calypso stay far away from each other as possible or angry fangirls will find you and slap you!

THIS <<< someone needed to say this<<<I only pin those type of posts because they're funny, but I think this a lot too

THIS <<< someone needed to say this<<< don't ever forget he is extremely modest so he would never say things like 'fandom' Percy

Accurate description of every PJO or HoO book

Percy Jackson, ladies and gentlemen, Percy Jackson. (This literally explains every battle he is in) -Annabeth

No one will find this as hilarious as the Percy Jackson Fandom<<<I laughed for a solid five minutes

"Inside Joke, Never Mind" No one will find this as hilarious as the Percy Jackson Fandom<<<< I will never EVER get tired of dam jokes.

First book, chapter five, paragraph seventy three, sentence one. That's when Annabeth said 'you drool in your sleep'.

solangelo daughter - Google Search

Nico just scares the shit outta this kid and then is just like, STFU. I love SOLANGELO!