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Stanley Griff

Stanley & his pet fish Dennis ~ "It's the great big book of everything, with everything inside. Dennis annoyed with "The Great Big Book of Everything Song" reminds me of Bob the Tomato at the end of "VeggieTales".

The Buzz on Maggie, don't think I ever watched this show I just really liked the opening theme lol.

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Gym class

hearing the parachute rumors run rampant before your class had gym was awesome. I loved parachute gym day :)

Pepperann Pepperann What'cha Growin' Pepperann? I Used To Have A Plush Doll Of Her And Take Her To Chuck E Cheese

Pepper Ann, Pepper Ann, much too cool for seventh grade. Pepper Ann, she’s like one in a million!

omg! hate. this.

It still bugs me with the corded headset for my work phone (which also has a cord). I hate, hate, hate twisted phone cords.

One of my favorite movies on Disney Channel

Wallpaper and background photos of Smart House movie poster for fans of Disney Channel Original Movies images.