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How to Knit Dog Sweaters on a Round Loom

How to Knit Dog Sweaters on a Round Loom

Husky and husky "puppy" (aka dog fur!!). So weird

Not a Husky Puppy. Not a Husky Toy Either. Think Much, Much Weirder…


Adopt Me, Maybe?

Hey, I just met you.And this is crazy.But here's my tag number. So adopt me, maybe? Adopt A Shelter Pet

The elkchows live north of the plains in the eastern part of the western hill by the southern tree on the crooked hill....they eat only kibbles and bitz unless someone orders a cheeseburger.

He needs a little red nose. Merry Christmas Tucker is DEFINITELY getting antlers.


Applehead and Deer head Chihuahuas. What makes an Applehead Chihuahua different from a Deer head Chihuahua?

Cutest thing ever

Cutest thing ever

Chihuahuas livin large

Dog Names: Cute Names For Your Male Or Female Puppy

10 tips for chihuahua parents..wow I didn't know thy needed a coat. I'm glad I got my fur babies coats. Best breed I have ever had.

10 tips for chihuahua parents (Yes, they need sweaters. Keep floors clean or these low to the ground, small stomach dogs will overindulge. Train and socialize!

Chihuahuas for sale, teacup chihuahua dogs

Chihuahuas for sale, teacup chihuahua dogs