fucking creepy

polymer clay, doll eye, earring back/// no tut/// could seriously creep people out with the possibilities here! Imagine on hands too.

My Halloween Twig Tree. 2017 -Katy Silb

My Halloween Twig Tree. 2017 -Katy Silb// add some Jack skeletons and it's perfect for Christmas too

Cool variation to the dresses

Halloween Garden Chicken Wire Ghost: Awesome Sculpture Tutorial

Chicken wire ghost, paint with glow in the dark paint. cool land art eco woodland craft grimm and fairy garden art especially when your ghost eventually starts to get wild ivy and other plants growing up it a woodland spirit


The Perfect Bedside Lamp

The Perfect Bedside Lamp - old base, old doll head, battery operated tea light

Turn your old bottles into Gothic decorations for Halloween with our step-by-step tutorial.

DIY Gothic Bottle Decorations

Bloody Cleaver Ring. If I ever play Mrs. Lovett (and I intend to) I want this ring!

The bloody cleaver ring is just the accessory you'll need to put the finishing touches on any Halloween costume this Fall. While worn, the bloody cleaver ring creates the illusion your fingers are being brutally chopped off by a razor sharp cleaver.

DIY spooky mirror- thinking i may try this in a series..with 4 or 5 mirrors where the image changes slightly in each one like it is moving through the mirrors

Domythic Bliss: A Creeptastically Eerie Mirror diy using old picture frame with glass and krylon looking glass spray paint

This Maternity Halloween Costume is too funny ( and a little gross)

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Funny pictures about Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women. Oh, and cool pics about Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women. Also, Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women photos.

I have to admit....this is kind of cute.  What if these were real! Adorable.

Too Cool For School

art sculpture animals baby unicorn creature magical mythical aura Indigo-Ocean R.

Ermahgerd, terny dernets!

a Positive Community for Women

This little guy is freakin' cute in any language!  :)  飛騨高山 留之助 商店 本店 都会 的 な 意匠 家 による 玩具

More Chris Ryniak. Kawaii toys Cute critters and monsters. Artwork and sculpture by Chris Ryniak clay monster