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The tingly feeling you get when you like someone--that's common sense leaving your body Lol


-If your boyfriend/girlfriend is mad at you, put a cape on them, and say "Now you're super mad!" If they laugh, marry them.

Hahaha if only you could see this. I think you know who you are

Never mistake silence for weakness. No one plans a murder out loud.

Bacon. Dark hair. Beards. Baby blues...

"I'm a simple woman, I like handsome, bearded, brunette men and breakfast food." *blonde too

Me and my cousin since forever. We ALWAYS know what the other is thinking for some reason.

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Found all in one guy

No, I havent met mr. but i have met, mr liar mr player mr asshole & mr douchebag

@stephanie Stiles ...saw this and thought of you..

haha this is so true Chandler Keller Morehouse Fortenberry Strangers think I'm quiet. My friends think I'm out-going. My best friends know that I'm completely insane


I wish there were more hours in the day and boys were nice and bread didn't make you fat. Story of my life .