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Atheistic Tendencies - Classic - Gallery

Atheistic Tendencies - Classic

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Ragnar Lodbrok (played by Travis Fimmel) is the protagonist of the History…                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ragnar Lodbrok from the Viking TV Show with a raven on his shoulder. According to Viking mythology, Odin would often appear as a raven. Ragnar Lodbrok claimed to be descended from Odin and many Vikings believed this.

"SMILE"! - Viking

Gunnar Ólafsson, the Jarl of Einherjar the Vikings of Reykjavík.

A new breed of Woman came out of the mists on an icy wind, and froze the blood of weaker men.. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOODॐ

A viking ship. "The ship sailed across the murky waters; destruction coming and lean, the boat whisked toward our way. Warn the monks!' I gazed up at the ship and instantly knew that the monks could not find anything that could save us.

My kinda shipyard

doesn't really look like a dragon to me. It is a terrifying image though so I can see why the Vikings included images of dragons on the front of their ships. It was a way to intimidate their opponents.

Viking ship... The only wind powered vessels which did not plough through the waves, but  virtually "skate" over them! Rather than stupid, cuthroat, pirates, as Hollywood, and "historians", want us to believe, they were amongst the most sophisticated artisans, the world has ever seen!

They came out of the mist on an icy wind, and froze the blood of weaker men. -A drakkar, the Viking ship-of-choice, so named for the dragon head carved onto the prowl.