If your tooth feels like hell and your gum starts to swell -- Cocaine!

Vintage Ads: Cocaine Toothache Drops - for INSTANTANEOUS cure. I guess you wouldn't be feeling anything at all after this.

Vintage male couple before Stonewall, way before Stonewall, Gay Pride and Marriage Equality. Gay folks have been out there the whole time.

Vintage Gay Men - I had to use Snip It because some stupid person reported these pins as spam or inappropriate. Don't inflict your prejudices upon the rest of us.

Interesting way to sell shirts - would love to meet the team who put this baby togther.

It's Audacious! 1949 Van Heusen Shirt Ad # illustration advertising # old ads # sexist ads # ads ads ads commercial

The Gonorrhea Superbug Will Be Superbad for Women

The Gonorrhea Superbug Will Be Superbad for Women

liquified asbestos - scary how the science or the 'dollars' behind the science of products, medicines and things is placed, comes & goes...

From Popular Science’s “I’d Like To See Them Make” series Jan. Actually, not a good idea ” cancer made easy…

"Catch Your Man...with Taste Tempting Donuts" ~ Hey ladies, whatever works! - 1940s ad.

"Catch Your Man.with Taste Tempting Donuts" ~ Hey ladies, whatever works!<<< that's definitely how things work

1968 Broomsticks Pants Ad "SHERADES"

An original 1968 advertisement for Broomsticks Pants. The company known for highly controversial ads of the Featuring 1 guy and 2 girls playing a Charades game. Give the right signal a

'the best things in life come in cellophane' - du pont cellophane ads ['the biggest hazard that cellophane exhibits is the danger of suffocation. due to the airtight nature of cellophane, breathing it in or having it cover your airways can cause suffocation, especially in young children...]

"Here's Your Newborn Dead Baby, Ma'am"

The vintage DuPont Cellophane "dead baby" ad series is the one of the most unintentionally funny ad campaigns ever.