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Shutting the fuck up is gluten free. Add that to your diet.- Where was this the other day when I needed it. Some people really need to add this to their diet.

I eat tacos over a tortilla so that way when stuff falls out--Boom! another taco!

Word porn~

lalochezia (n.) the emotional relief gained from using profane language. Oh so that's what that feeling is

The lady with the whiteout omg!! - Most Hilarious Fails Ever. http://AmericasMall.com #BeerPranks

The lady with the whiteout omg!! - Most Hilarious Fails Ever. http://AmericasMall.com #BeerPranks

Once upon a time...a long, long, long time ago...

Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened. I love this Trish.

Funny insults

This has softball written all over it. Some people play the sport but bitch what they are playing just be lucky that u can because every one replaceable. Just my opinion of most softball girls now a days

Ahahaha, someone would probably get so embarrassed if I said this!!

That would be awesome, if only I could say it and keep a straight face. hahaha I get told I look familiar all the time!so funny.

Yep, don't care what you say, still prefer Target. Maybe because they don't treat their employees as shitty. Or they have stuff that was designed by someone younger than 80.


I am too good for Walmart, and I love Target. Classier people shop at Target.

I already know that I'm going to hell. At this point it's really go big or go home.

Funny pictures about I'm going to hell. Oh, and cool pics about I'm going to hell. Also, I'm going to hell.

I dont even like turkey but id totally gobble up some of that.

I stuffed the turkey full of xanax so we can all have a relaxing holiday this year. Haha this made me laugh harder than I probably should have!


Take a look at this 'Five Deadly Terms' Sign.it is amazing that as a woman it seems like I've always known the meaning of these terms.and yet the men in my life still do not understand their meaning.

There should be a #line at every #supermarket for those who have their #act together #LetsGetWordy

Ok seriously if your still shopping or have to price check or just want the cashier to go get items for you youre not done shopping get out of line youre wasting everyone's time.