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No.6 nezumi

No.6 nezumi

Photo by black_anime: anime shion nezumi love cute chibi music dance kawaii yaoi animeboy boy

Omg yes this should have been the one and only ending no maybe just yes married XD

Jesus this is sooo how it should have gone, I literally ball every time I read this manga and I read alooooooot

No.6 18.5 :

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Shion and Nezumi // No.6

Shion and Nezumi // <<< I don't even know when I started shipping these two. They're so freakin' cute!

6 ~~ Winning a heart through origamI This is cute, happened to me recently c:

Shion's death in the anime I CRIED I CRIED SO BADDDDD!!!!!!!!! It was so tragic!!!

Fucking shit he's not dead damn you fucked even in the manga he isn't dead fuck this shit

No. 6 ~~ Dramatic storyboard inspired artwork :: Nezumi x Shion

6 ~~ Dramatic storyboard inspired artwork :: Nezumi x Shion