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Pupupöperöä: heinäkuu 2010

Thoughts about veggie food by a Finnish food lover.

gravad wild goose breast

Grafin en ekki gleymd

gravad wild goose breast

tea smoked duck salad

Meiri reykur

tea smoked duck salad

egg and cream cheese low carb "pizza"

LCHF ekki-pizza

Cherry Tomato Puff Pastry Tart: 1 pt. cherry tomatoes, oil, s, basil, oregano, 1Tb horseradish mustard, 1/3c mozz, 1/3c gruyere, 1/3c parm. Thaw 1 sheet puff pastry.  400* oven. dock pastry w fork.  Spread mustard on dough then cheese and top with tomatoes.++Cut side of tomatoes must be facing up to prevent soggy dough. Bake 15-20 min.

The Italian Dish - Posts - Cherry Tomato Puff Pastry Tart. Delish with hubby's home grown cherry tomatoes.

Southwestern Irish Cottage Pie

I know there is a lot of Irish in […]

Here are a couple more things you can do with leftover bruschetta topping, also known as One of the Best Things on Earth. Making too much bruschetta topping a couple of weeks ago turned out to be o...


Pioneer Woman bruschetta - its PW.of course it was delicious :-) i just spritzed a little olive oil on the bread and toasted it under the broiler instead of cooking it in butter though.

stir-fried kale with mushrooms

Grænmeti fremur en sætmeti