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this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh

this is hetalia in a nutshell tbh<<<I don't watch Hetalia but this makes me want to

Literally their friendship in a nutshell

Literally their friendship in a nutshell<--- this made me kinda sad because it's like mads and t Jeff are like the best of friends but Madison is hopelessly in love w Jefferson but Jefferson doesn't realize it and has Madison indefinitely friend zoned.

This is me in a nutshell. I really want to overcome my social awkwardness and anxiety... I don't see that happening, but hey.

Me. At home, I’m ME. The kids and I sing and dance around like fools. In public, I’m more quiet and super aware of my surroundings. When I’m home with my 3 ppl, that’s when I’m the happiest and safest.

Saturday morning dump. - Album on Imgur

And if you don’t have a ket to pet I’d recommend watching the Planet Earth documentary or summin ‍♀️ plenty o’ chill with ya Boi David Attenborough


I'm putting this on my Entertainment board because it could really be true for Outlander, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural and The Musketeers. So many fandoms.