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I immediately thought of FOB before I read the bottom! LETS BE ALONE TOGETHER WE CAN STAY YOUNG FOREVER

Macaroni and cheese + Fall Out Boy = perfection << pretty much

The fandoms are made up of Kevin Bacon. I didn't see that coming.

The fandoms = Kevin Bacon. A form of poison = joining a new fandom it's a circle.<<<I thought Kevin Bacon would be a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy

dan dressed as the doctor - Google Search

Dan (Danisnotonfire) dressed as the eleventh doctor *deep breathes* what is life. --> Dan wore a fricken fez!

danhowell, amazingphil, phan, danisnotonfire, phillester>>>I THINK YOU'RE HOT PHIL YOU'RE OUR AMAZING LITTLE BEAN

danhowell, amazingphil, phan, danisnotonfire, phillester>>> Well Phil does look Amazing