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I just adore how Dan's like a gigantic Fall Out Boy fan, like he's liked them for such a long time and he legitimately fangirls around them

Lol I saw the title of the game, and I was like "oh no!" Then phil kept hinting and I was like "oh no, Dan. Oh fuck no."

RIP DANS HEART<<< omg the whole game Phil looks so ready for dan do die and at one point he looks to the camera like 'you know what's coming.

He's wearing his Papyrus shirt. And he's wearing Cookie Monster pants. And his response was from Hamilton. I love this man

Phil eating his cereal and he's wearing his Papyrus shirt, he's wearing Cookie Monster pants And his response was from Hamilton.


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Haha WHAT NOW DAN jkjk I luv himmmm------ i saw this a long time ago but I had no idea who it was at the time