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Roskaruokavaihtolava, mässäile tyylillä!

Roskaruokavaihtolava, mässäile tyylillä!


Thumbs Up UK. Add some coastal cool to your mealtimes with the Lighthouse Set.

Cool Kitchen Crap You Never Knew You Wanted – 21 Pics

Cool Kitchen Crap You Never Knew You Wanted – 21 Pics. I want one of everything on this list

Le Porte Cure-Dents Voodoo

Le Porte Cure-Dents Voodoo

The voodoo doll tootpick holder! I think this is a funny way to display your toothpicks!

Geeky Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Own - Keyboard Waffle Iron

Geeky Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Own

Technology and waffles come together in one compact and delicious package to help you make breakfast the geekiest meal of the day. With the keyboard waffle iron you’ll be able to make long, QWERTY style waffles shaped like your computer’s keyboard.

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WOW, that is what I call a waffle pan

Waffles are great aren’t they? They are like pancakes, but better. In Hong Kong they have taken things one step further with “egg waffles”. These unique waffle creations have a bubble wrap type texture and just look like so much fun to eat.

Ravioli Rolling Pin- would be so much fun to have a "make your own filing" party and then cook what you made!

Ravioli Maker Rolling Pin (Natural Wood) Pasta Italian Lasagna Roller - 4220

The Italian Dish - Posts - The Lost Ravioli Recipes of Hoboken (for my new ravioli roller!