Perttu Kivilaakso - one of four classically trained cellists in Finnish heavy metal quartet, Apocalyptica. Still going strong after 20 years.

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Apocalyptica, Epilogue is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

Apocalyptica: 4 gorgeous finnish men playing Metallica covers on electric…

Apocalyptica: 4 gorgeous Finnish men playing Metallica covers on electric cellos.

Violin by Jacques Francais with Unique Artwork on Back. This and more rare musical instruments on CuratorsEye.com

Violin by Jacques Francais with Unique Artwork on Back.

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There is only one musician who could evoke from the cello such a haunting quality of sound . And there will never be another like her . Jacqueline du Pre.

Eicca Toppinen of the Finnish cello-band . yes, I use to play concert Cello a loooong time ago.


Paavo needed a better post, so…. this is The “Paavo proper special that he deserves so well despite the fact that lately I’ve been only posting perttu and eicca’s picture I respect him a lot and love.

heavy en un concierto de musica clasica

Apocalyptica If you haven't heard this Finnish cello rock band play, go listen to them now. They do amazing covers of Metallica and more!