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~Frieke Janssens, Sigara içen çocuklar. http://www.mozzarte.com/fotograf/frieke-janssens-sigara-icen-cocuklar/ …

Portraits of smoking children by talented Belgian photographer Frieke Janssens. I know some people will have a huge problem with this. At least read the article before you get pissed off, but I can't help but love this. Judge at will.

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It's okay, Mom and Dad, if your child loves the Teletubbies. Here's my experience with a child obsessed with Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po.

@ordurebizarre // Patrizia Conde

Modern day costumes have nothing on these horrific Halloween costumes of the past. Warning: Don’t look at these pics before going to bed!

creepy vintage halloween costumes

Some of the stranger old-timey photos you will ever see (36 Photos)

Inexpensive Halloween prop that gives u Big Bang for little money. Swap out picture frame photos around the house. I find creepy old photos and insert them in front of reg. After Halloween remove the eerie photo quick easy cheap.

We're nearly finished at the Antarctic, then we're coming for ya.

We're nearly finished at the Antarctic, then we're coming for ya.

Como "sinistro" pode ser algo bom?

15 perguntas dos paulistas para os cariocas