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23 Signs You Should Just Hibernate For The Rest Of The Winter

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I’m so excited to be a nurse after this semester! …if i pass lol “ justanurse: “ juanamariarn: “ When you’re a nurse you know that everyday you will touch a life or a life will touch.

Nursing humor

Inserting a catheter, its a roller coaster, sometimes. Lol how I felt today!

Worst freaking jinx known to medical kind! Say this, and you will have a patient go into cardiac arrest, another will fall, and somebody will be either vomiting or having diarrhea by shift's end. Don't say it. PERIOD.

Superstitious Doctors

EMS superstition: NEVER say the "Q" word. So true! I worked in an ER for 10 years.

yeah we have to do it non stop with no breaks not this few days a year stuff , stop fussin'

Retail workers be like "I have to work 12 hourss Black Friday and deal with rude people all day". Nurses be like "WOW".

nursing- bad thing is I still iron mine!

Wearing scrubs (aka pajamas) to work every day is awesome. so true! being a nurse is awesome!


When you're getting report on a patient that's a total train wreck. This is my EXACT face.

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You might be a nurse if...

So true! The valium salt lick in the waiting room has been mentioned more than once by the staff in my ER!

Not always. ;)

Nursing meme are every where! They inspire, motivate and keep us sane in the juggling world of nursing. We love to share inspirational quotes time to time for nurses; to keep thing motivated and do…